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New Diesel Tank for water heaters (RVD10)

This new Diesel tank has been a long work in progress. not only do you have the sight gauge option that everyone already has, there is now an option for a Diesel Float Gauge. This is an option that is completely new to the market and gives the customer the chance to see their Diesel level from inside the van rather than outside. It also features a new Camlock style filler cap that allows you to quickly fill the tank from the bowser and set you on your way.

New Accessory (Waste Drain Kit)

This new accessory is becoming very popular in the caravan and camping industry for the safe drainage of waste tanks. it suits 1-1/2″ Hose and will have a 10M role of lay flat hose that can be rolled up and stored in a small space. The Ball Valve allows you to shut it off when you are traveling and when it is ready to be emptied, you attached the hose section to the Outlet by the Camlock fittings roll your hose where you need it to go and open the Ball Valve. It’s that simple.

New Double Wheel Arch Tank (RVA70)

This new double wheel arch tank holds roughly 70L and will fit on the headboard between the wheel arches on most style side utilities. With two strap marks for mounting and the option to drill and tap your Inlet, Outlet and Breather wherever you like, this tank will be a great option for your vehicle to use up dead space behind a set of draws.

New Angled Tank (RV75)

This new tank was designed to go at the back of a camper trailer with the slant of the tank going towards the back, this allows all of the water to drain out and holding 75L it is enough to last a couple of days without filling up.

New Accessory (Topargee Gauges and Senders)

This new Gauge and sender option allows you to put the unit directly into the outlet hose itself and not have to worry about drilling holes in the tank, allowing for a cleaner and better looking tank setup. The gauge itself will come as a block type mount or a recessed mount so that it does not stick so far out, it will also show you how much water you have used so that you are able to fill up before you run out of water.

New Water Tank (RV195)

This new tank was designed to go underneath a camper trailer, holding approximately 195L and being 10mm deeper at one end, you can have maximum water and be able to drain it all. HavingĀ 8 10mm bolt holes to secure it to the vehicle there is definitely enough to be able to hold the weight were you need it to.