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RV Tanks for Camper trailers, horse floats, 5th wheelers, caravans, motor homes, buses and four wheel drives

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  • RV100-1


    900mm x 920mm x 190mm*
    Tank Capacity 100L*

  • RV100 S TYPE

    RV100 S Type

    900mm x 860mm x 220mm*
    Tank Capacity: 100L*

  • RV100-Slimline

    RV100 Slimline

    950mm x 650mm x 180mm*
    Tank Capacity: 100L*

  • RV110 Slimline

    RV110 Slimline

    1170mm x 640mm x 170mm*
    Tank Capacity: 110L*

  • RV120 S Type

    RV120 S Type

    825mm x 955mm x 240mm*
    Tank Capacity: 120L*

  • RV125


    1040mm x 940mm x 170mm*
    Tank Capacity: 125L*

  • RV140


    890mm x 880mm x 220mm*
    Tank Capacity: 140L*

  • RV195


  • RV25-Slimline

    RV25 Slimline

    1100mm x 280mm x 115mm*
    Tank Capacity: 25L*

  • RV25 Driver

    RV25 Ute Driver

    650mm x 360mm x 200mm*
    Tank Capacity: 25L*

  • RV25 Ute Passenger

    RV25 Ute Passenger

    650mm x 360mm x 200mm*
    Tank Capacity: 25L*

  • RV30-Slimline

    RV30 Slimline

    795mm x 380mm x 125mm*
    Tank Capacity: 30L*

  • RV30-Ute

    RV30 Ute

    595mm x 240mm x 410mm*
    Tank Capacity: 30L*

  • RV35


    610mm x 500mm x 150mm*
    Tank Capacity: 35L*

  • RV40-Slimline

    RV40 Slimline

    910mm x 465mm x 105mm*
    Tank Capacity: 40L*

* Disclaimer

  1. The numbers on the end of a part number will represent the approximate Literage that a tank may hold depending on the way that it is plumbed.
  2. The standard colour for all tanks is Black. Other colours are available upon request and MUST be specified upon ordering.
  3. All tank dimensions are approximate and will vary up to 1% depending on the time of year that they are manufactured.
  4. Do not drill out or oversize any bolt holes or make any modifications to any product after they leave our factory. Any modifications done after this will void any warranty given at time of purchase and a new tank will only be supplied at the customers’ expense.
  5. All tanks (except Diesel) are supplied with 3 x Nylon fittings of the customer’s choice up to 1” in size. Any more fittings or larger fittings may incur an extra cost.
  6. All tanks that require drilling/tapping and/or need brackets made for them, MUST be supplied with a drawing when ordering showing where any holes are located, what size they are and whether they are to have a straight or elbow fitting. Any brackets must show all dimensions and bend marks.
  7. All photos are not to scale and the colour supplied might vary from what is in the catalogue due to the difference in printing, ink, paper quality etc.
  8. The holes that are drilled in the Tanks are BSP Tapered Threads, so a fitting of the same style must be used. If a Parallel fitting is used there is a chance that the thread can be damaged on install if care is not taken.
  9. All Tanks come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults.
  10. Any Tank with long faces / flanges and over 70L may require Brackets for extra support to hold the Tank up if it is being hung under a vehicle.
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